Emergency rehearsals register

Emergency rehearsals register

Day Date Risk assessment Emergency Type Drill called by Action required Action completed


Bi-monthly emergency drills     
Jan-Feb 20__
Mar-Apr 20__
May-Jun 20__
Jul-Aug 20__
Sep-Oct 20__
Nov-Dec 20__


To be checked – Reg 97   Emergency and evacuation procedures checklist (please note $2000 penalties) Yes/No
Is there a risk assessment which identifies all potential emergencies including those rehearsed?  
Do we comply – Are emergency and evacuation procedures rehearsed every 3 months by the staff, responsible person, volunteers and children present at the service on the day of the rehearsal?  
Are the rehearsals documented and rehearsal checklist attached?  
Were the emergency and evacuation procedures/instructions at all exit doors?  
Was there an emergency and evacuation floor plan at all exit doors?  



Nominated Supervisor Name: ____________________________ Signature: ___________________________ Date:____/_____/______


Auditor/Approved Provider:    ____________________________ Signature: ___________________________ Date:____/_____/______