Emergency Risk Assessment Template Blank


Risk assessment template for emergencies

This is an example taken from the Victorian Guide to Developing an Emergency Management Plan  – refer for further information and written example

1. Identified Hazard 2. Description of Risk 3. Current control measures implemented at our early childhood service 4. Risk Rating 5. Treatments to be Implemented 6. Revised Risk Rating after implementing Treatments
  A Consequence B Likelihood C Risk Level A Consequence B Likelihood C Risk Level
Only include in your EMP those hazards that are applicable to your early childhood service
The examples provided below are not intended to be exhaustive.
Only include in this column those controls that have actually been implemented in your early childhood service.
If you choose to use any of the examples below, make sure the wording describes the situation in your workplace.
      Measures to be taken by our early childhood service to eliminate or reduce impact of the risk