Governance – Nominated Supervisor Diary Notes OSHC


Governance – Nominated Supervisor Diary Notes OSHC

You may need to action sooner than guiding time frames.


Service Presentation Check presentation of rooms and service


Cleaning Check monthly cleaning completed (see cleaning schedule)
Communication with families Communicate regularly with families eg newsletter
Menu Check menus consistent with menu checklists and dietary guidelines
Portfolios Check children’s portfolios are up to date
Safety Complete safety checklists eg indoor/outdoor/laundry/kitchen/room, ensure daily checklists completed, action any changes required
Smoke Alarms Test every month


Quarterly  – 3 Months
Child Care Subsidy Check processes and records using CCS checklist
Children’s Contact Details Remind families service must have up-to-date contact information in case of an emergency
Children’s Food Preferences Remind families to update their child’s food preferences
Emergency Rehearsals Rehearsals for all potential emergencies at least once every 3 months. Include requirement to check  batteries, food, water, sunscreen and insect repellent in emergency kit and replace if necessary
Hazardous Substances Audits Complete a hazardous substances audit
Incidents Review nature of incidents occurring and implement changes if required
Medication Audit Complete medication audit
Medical Information Update Remind parents to update their child’s medical management plan, medical information, medication and immunisation status
Storage Complete Indoor/Outdoor Storage Audit


Half yearly – 6 Months
Cleaning Check half –yearly  cleaning completed (see cleaning schedule)
Personal Information Discuss treatment and security of personal information with staff
Surveys Obtain family feedback using parents surveys


Annually – 12 months
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Check first aid qualifications don’t have CPR component that needs to be updated annually
Cleaning Check annual  cleaning completed (see cleaning schedule)
Emergency Management Plan Test emergency management plan (emergency contact details,  emergency procedures, emergency diagram, training plans, rehearsals)
Inventory Check records up to date and all maintenance addressed
Kits Review location and contents of First Aid Kit(s)
Pests Organise annual pest inspection
Policies Check all policies reviewed
Records Archive old records or destroy records no longer required
Refresher Training*
Training required ASAP where educators not implementing correct procedures
·         Allergy/anaphylaxis management – eg preventing cross contamination
·         Auto Adrenaline Device (eg Epipen use)
·         Child Protection
·         CPR
·         Emergency Equipment Use
·         First Aid practices (can include dental first aid)
·         Hazardous Chemicals
·         Immunisation/infectious disease information for staff
·         Manual Handling practices
·         Hygiene practices eg cough and sneeze etiquette, hand washing (especially before flu season) and benefits of influenza vaccine
Smoke Alarms Replace removable alkaline batteries once a year eg when daylight savings ends.


3 Years
SunSmart Program Review SunSmart program membership every 3 years – it may be longer for some states. Reminders should be emailed from SunSmart 90, 60 and 30 days before expiry


As Required
Qualifications Ensure staff renew first aid qualifications before expiry
Qualifications need to be renewed before expiry
Child protection clearance eg Working with Children Check (WWCC) Ensure staff renew WWCC before they expire
NSW holders get email 3 months before expiry
Emergency Equipment Organise test of equipment in line with recognised guidelines


Family Communications
Sun Safety Include positive messages about sun safety and sun protection measures when communicating with families


Staff Meeting Topics*

*Ensure topics discussed with staff absent from meetings

Medical Plans Discuss children’s medical plans, medication and medical needs.
Regularly reflect on risk management practices which prevent triggering an adverse reaction in child’s health conditions  and implement any  improvements
Emergency Management Plan and Emergency Response Procedures Discuss emergency plan and procedures, especially after a scheduled drill rehearsal
Work Health and Safety Discuss identified risks and WHS practices eg manual handling, storage


Term 4
Christmas Parties Arrange parties