Governance – Policies Review Register


Governance – Policies Review Register

Policy Name

Last Review Date

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Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy






Additional Needs Policy







Administration of Authorised Medication Policy






Animal and Pet Policy







Bike Safety Policy







Bush Fire Policy







Bush Kindy Policy







CCTV Policy







Cerebral Palsy Policy






Chemical Spills Policy







Child Protection Policy






Continuity of Education and Care Policy






Child Safe Policy (VIC Only)






Coronavirus Policy






Cystic Fibrosis Policy







Death of a Child Policy






Death of an Educator Policy







Delayed Entry and Exit Policy (QLD Only)






Delivery and Collection of Children Policy







Dress Code Policy







Education, Curriculum and Learning Policy







Educator and Management Policy







Emergency Management and Evacuation Policy







Emergency Service Contact Policy







Enrolment Policy






Environmental Sustainability Policy






Epilepsy Policy






Excursion Policy







Family Law and Access Policy






Fees Policy







Food, Nutrition and Beverage Policy







Governance Policy






Grievance Policy






Head Lice Policy







Health, Hygiene and Safe Food Policy













Immunisation and Disease Prevention Policy






Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy






Infectious Diseases Policy






Lock Up Policy







Lockdown Policy






Medical Conditions Policy







National Quality Framework Policy







Orientation for Children Policy






Parental Interaction and Involvement in the Service Policy







Photography Policy







Physical Activity Promotion Policy







Physical Environment (Workplace Safety, Learning and Administration) Policy







Policy and Procedure Review Policy







Privacy and Confidentiality Policy






Record Keeping and Retention Policy







Relationships with Children Policy







Sand Pit Policy







Sleep, Rest, Relaxation and Clothing Policy






Social Media Policy







Staffing Arrangements Policy







Technology Usage Policy







Termination of Enrolment Policy






Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Policy






Transportation Policy







Unenrolled Children Policy







Whistleblower Policy







Work Health and Safety Policy