Professional Development – Appraisal


Educator/Staff Appraisal
Full Name
Job Title
Review Date
Review Period
Manager conducting review
Educator/staff member’s signature:
Manager’s signature

Appraisal must be linked to job description, role and responsibilities.

For nominated supervisor and educator/staff member to complete together

What were your significant achievements in the review period?
What professional development activities/courses have you undertaken?
What are you professional development goals (what would you like to learn/improve)?
Did you achieve the goals that you listed in you previous performance appraisal, and if not, why?
What could we do to improve your performance in your current role?
What do you see as your key strengths?
What do you see as key areas for improvement? (Are there any aspects of the job you find difficult?)

Nominated Supervisor to complete and discuss with educator/staff member

Did the educator meet the level of performance expected?

(Clarify job role and responsibilities if required).

General Outcomes

Upholds our service philosophy
Always follows policies, procedures and Code of Conduct
Actively works to understand all requirements under the National Law and Regulations
Actively works to understand the National Quality Standard
Actively works to understand the Early Years Learning Framework
Contributes to our QIP
Handles all grievances and complaints professionally and in line with our procedures
Committed to continuous improvement
Manages time effectively
Keeps up-to-date documentation as required
Carries out responsibilities professionally without supervision
Participates in meetings
Participates in professional development
Uses resources efficiently and respectfully
Takes the initiative to implement creative and innovative strategies to maximise children’s learning
Acts and dresses professionally at the Service at all times.

NQS Quality Area One


DESIRED OUTCOME Excellent Satisfactory Poor Unsatisfactory
Contributes to curriculum development incorporating children’s ideas and interests
Engages in conversations and debates about the EYLF (or other approved framework)
Engages with children to understand their individual needs, interests and culture
Proactively works to ensure each child is included and feels comfortable participating in the program.
Engages with families to help build the curriculum together
Ensures routines maximise learning opportunities
Demonstrates in learning documentation what children know, can do and understand and how they extend learning
Implements intentional teaching strategies to extend children’s thinking and learning
Responds to children’s ideas and play to effectively extend learning
Provides regular opportunities for children to make choices
Shares children’s learning with families
Critically reflects on how practice impacts individual children and groups of children
Promotes learning by planning on the spot to take advantage of spontaneous teaching opportunities
Initiates creative and innovative strategies to maximise children’s learning

NQS Quality Area Two

DESIRED OUTCOME Excellent Satisfactory Poor Unsatisfactory
Adequately supervises children at all times
Communicates with team members about their movements and children’s movements
Aware of child protection requirements
Actively works with children and families to meet individual health needs
Follows hygiene policies and procedures
Manages injuries, trauma and illnesses and completes forms when necessary
Administers medication safely and in accordance with our guidelines
Maintains confidentiality of children with medical conditions
Aware of sleep, rest and clothing needs and safety
Plans meaningful quiet activities for children who do not need to sleep or rest
Promotes healthy eating with children and ensures drinking water provided at all times
Provides regular opportunities for physical activity
Participates in planning and drills to manage emergencies.

NQS Quality Area Three

DESIRED OUTCOME Excellent Satisfactory Poor Unsatisfactory
Sets up indoor and outdoor spaces safely
Follows Work Health Safety obligations and requirements
Contributes to safe and hygienic premises and equipment
Immediately responds to any hazards, either reporting them to the nominated supervisor, removing them or cleaning them up as appropriate
Actively works to reduce risks and hazards
Contributes to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices
Provides sufficient resources and equipment to ensure participation by every child
Sets up indoor and outdoor play spaces to engage and support every child

NQS Quality Area Four

DESIRED OUTCOME Excellent Satisfactory Poor Unsatisfactory
Engages in respectful and professional interactions with other educators and staff
Shares professional knowledge and practice with other educators
Accepts respectful feedback in a positive way
Open to trying new practices
Willing to learn from others
Works collaboratively as part of our team of educators
Communicates professionally with educators

NQS Quality Area Five

DESIRED OUTCOME Excellent Satisfactory Poor Unsatisfactory
Interacts with children in a positive, warm and responsive way to build trusting relationships
Supports children to engage in collaborative learning opportunities
Provides positive behaviour guidance to children
Maintains children’s rights and dignity

NQS Quality Area Six

DESIRED OUTCOME Excellent Satisfactory Poor Unsatisfactory
Develops positive and professional partnerships with families
Encourages families to share information to support continuity of care and learning
Respects families’ expertise, culture values and beliefs
Encourages families to play an active role at the service
Supports families during the induction and orientation process
Provides information to families about services and resources that support parenting
Helps build professional relationships with community organisations and members
Communicates professionally with families

NQS Quality Area Seven
QA7 may not apply to all educators.

DESIRED OUTCOME Excellent Satisfactory Poor Unsatisfactory
Acts as a responsible and effective leader
Works with educators to improve teaching practices
Acts consistently and fairly
Follows induction processes for employees
Fosters team work
Ensures all employees clearly understand their roles and responsibilities eg through clear job descriptions
Ensures all employees have only one direct manager
Supports the Educational Leader to implement the Curriculum and improve teaching practice
Delegates effectively
Completes regular performance appraisals for all employees
Implements a training plan for all employees
Effectively manages underperforming employees
Provides opportunities for all educators to contribute to the QIP
Maintains up-to-date QIP which reflects activities undertaken to continually improve
Ensures service philosophy regularly reviewed and used to guide service operations and curriculum
Ensures policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary
Ensures all records are stored securely and confidentially
Manages service operations to ensure ongoing financial viability
Ensures all notifications are made to the Regulatory Authority where necessary and within required timeframes
Ensures required information displayed as per regulations (eg responsible person on duty)
Ensures all grievances and complaints are handled professionally
Holds regular staff meetings
Maintains ratio requirements at all times