2.2.1 Supervision


At all times, reasonable precautions and adequate supervision ensure children are protected from harm and hazard

Go through the checklist and be honest so your Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor know how to help you be the best.

E = Embedded, yes, I do that ALL the time.
K = We know we need to do that, but we don’t do
it all the time.
T = Please teach me how to do it or improve my understanding of why we need to do it.

Edu 1
Supervision Practices
Are children effectively supervised at all times eg
  • in all areas they can access?
  • on the change table and any other places that present a risk?
  • while sleeping (especially babies and toddlers)?
  • at mealtimes or when eating and drinking?
  • all children within sight and/or hearing of educators at all times?
Do you focus completely on supervising children eg you’re not supervising children while also cleaning, programming etc?
Supervision and Communication
Do you communicate effectively with team members about supervision of children eg I’m going here, Darcy’s up there?
Do you share supervision planning/arrangements for indoor and outdoor areas with relief staff?
Supervision and Environment
Do you arrange equipment, furniture and activities to ensure effective supervision?
Do you arrange equipment and furniture so children can access private and quiet spaces while being supervised unobtrusively?
Do you follow the outdoor supervision diagram showing where you should stand for effective supervision (if relevant eg there are hard to see areas)?
Child Protection
Are volunteers and students always visible to other educators when they are with the children?
Do you ensure students are never left with the sole supervision of children, indoors or outdoors?
Do you ensure individuals/groups of children are never taken into rooms that can be locked or areas where they’re not visible to others?
Are educator child ratios always met?

Exceeding Theme Core

All educators reflect upon their practice and families’ concerns to ensure children’s safety is always met. They do this by being consistently attuned to children and applying risk assessment. Educators can confidently explain and adjust the environment, program, practice, policies and procedures when required.

Where is your practice compared to the above statement?