Values, Beliefs and Assumptions Educators Check


Values, Beliefs and Assumptions Educators Check


Values are ideals (like freedom), qualities (like generosity), and things (like education). They are the things that are most important to us.

Beliefs are ideas you have accepted as true, even though they cannot be proved eg “People get what they deserve,” or “What people get paid is a direct reflection of the value of their work to society”.

An assumption is something that is accepted as being true without any proof. It’s like a belief but whereas beliefs are usually broad and far reaching, assumptions can be specific to a particular situation.


Always Usually Some


Rarely Never
I’m aware of my values
I know the values that are most important to me
I’m aware of my beliefs
I know the beliefs that guide my life
I can identify the difference between an assumption and a fact
I understand how assumptions can affect the outcome of day-to-day situations.
I’m aware of my own assumptions in daily situations
I make it a practice to “check out” my assumptions
I’m aware of the different ways I impact other people
I discuss with people the impact we have on each other
I consciously adjust any of my behaviours that I know may annoy/upset other people.
I know that I avoid certain things that are hard for me
I can identify those things that I avoid. I can identify why I avoid those things
I consciously try to learn ways to make hard things easier and not avoid them
I know my feelings about being in unknown or uncertain situations
I can identify specific situations that are unknown or uncertain situations for me.
I know what I give up by avoiding the unknown
I consciously welcome being in unknown or uncertain situations
I embrace the idea that self- awareness is vital for effective change for the NQS


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