Creativity and Imagination


Creativity and Imagination

EYLF is a play based curriculum which recognises children’s capacity to initiate and lead learning. Through their play children express their personality, uniqueness and creativity to construct their own understandings which they may share with others (EYLF page 9).  Music will enhance children’s creativity and imagination.


  • provide opportunities for children to record and listen to their own musical arrangements
    and singing
  • encourage older children to create bands or put on musical shows for others at the service
  • use music to create stories eg farm sounds to tell a story about a child holidaying on a farm
  • encourage children to interact with and create music which taps into their imaginations eg

Rain is falling down, rain is falling down
Pitter patter, pitter patter
Rain is falling down

What does the rain sound like? Is it fast, slow, soft, loud? Is there a storm coming? Is it windy or hailing?Educators could use this traditional song as a finger play for toddlers, motioning rain falling with fingers in air, then on pitter patter tapping the rhythm of the words on a child’s hand or tummy, or massage babies’arm, leg or chest, tickling down for the rain then tapping for pitter patter. Older children can use percussion ‘instruments’ to keep the beat, and express how the rain is falling.

Today, Emma and Tabatha (educators) created a puppet show for the children. The children have been very interested in animals this week, so this gave us the opportunity to build upon and extend the children’s ideas about the farm animals. We asked the children what animals we should use to sing some songs with.

Tabatha asked the children what songs they would like the puppets to sing, giving all the children the chance to respond verbally through their communication. Archie, Carter and Kloe yelled out “Baa baa”. Tabatha and Emma sang Baa Baa Black Sheep using the puppets to do the movements and singing. The children absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop laughing at the puppets being “silly”.

Today in toddler 2 Emma (educator) listened carefully the children’s ideas and discussed with them how these ideas could be developed. Emma noticed Eden, Chase and Ava sitting on the lounge. Eden said, “I’m waiting for the bus.” Emma suggested the children stay on the lounge and that can be the Bus. Emma soon placed more chairs to create the bus and as she did this more children wanted to participate in the activity. Emma was soon singing the “Wheels on the Bus.” All the children loved participating in the singing.

The children asked Emma if they were able to go and pick up KymmyJ (educator). Ariah said “Kymmy we are going to Canberra.” “Wow” replied Emma.

Toddler two follows and extends on their own interest with enthusiasm, curiosity and concentration.

Making Sounds!

Hadlee was trying very hard to make some sounds using her mouth. Tamara (educator) began engaging in enjoyable interactions with Hadlee through making and playing with sounds. Tamara would click her tongue, blow raspberries with her lips or roll her tongue to purr like a cat. Hadlee was so intrigued and became confident to begin copying Tamara in these different types of communication methods.


During inside play this morning, Ili found a sudden interest in looking outside the window. Tamara (educator) was wanting to continue spending time interacting and conversing with the children. Tamara ducked outside without the children noticing and banged back on the window at Ili. Hadlee and Ili both confidently began to engage socially together themselves, and with Tamara through play. Ili and Hadlee banged on the window, screamed, laughed and blew kisses along with Tamara and the relationship continued throughout the day.


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