Discover who is taking your time and how to get it back


Time Machine

Who stole your time? Educator What was the issue? Runny Poo
What is the real cause of the time theft? The educators are afraid to call the parents and tell them they need to collect their sick child, so they involve me to:
  • Look at the poo
  • Make the decision - call the parents
  • Cop the abuse from the parents
What would it look like if it was different? The educator comes into my office and says: “Jackson is unwell. He has runny poo. I’ve double checked with Staying Healthy, found the parents’ contacts, and have backup numbers ready too. I’m about to make the phone call. Are you okay with that? I can see you are busy?”
How can you implement this? Double check the policies. Check the procedure for unwell children. Train all educators on how to use procedure. Train educators in dealing with abusive parents. Implement.


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