Ensure Management Roles Work Effectively


Clearly Defined Reporting Relationships are Required for Effective Leadership

Everyone in the Service must only have one primary manager. This reduces confusion and increases accountability and transparency. If educators or staff do not follow clearly defined reporting relationships, the primary manager loses the ability to manage and lead their direct reports. In your room this could happen, for example, if your Room Assistant goes directly to the Nominated Supervisor. These types of actions have the ability to destroy a service.

Below are some examples of how the reporting relationship can fail. This is turn leaves the person in the middle powerless, devalued and unable to do their job.

Your reporting relationships should include:

  • Educators in the room (including rooms assistants) report to the Room Leader
  • Room Leaders reports to the Nominated Supervisor
  • The Nominated Supervisor may communicate information and direct the Room Leader

Information, requests or delegations to educators to take action or change their actions should only come from the person to whom they report ie you as Room Leader. Make sure each of your educators understands and adheres to this reporting relationship.


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