Have you tried a ‘Home Visits’ to help with behaviour issues?


Home Visits

Some services implement home visits to foster relationships with parents and children. At one service they offer home visits to all families. Each visit takes 45-60 minutes and is carried out by two educators who have a set list of questions to ask. This ensures they find out about the child’s family, routines, favourite songs and activities. Some of the benefits include:

  • improved relationships with parents – educators get to know parents outside the service which allows parents to explain home routines and gives educators an opportunity to collect a wealth of information about their family
  • improved relationships with children – educators engage with children in their own home
  • greater insight for reflective practice – educators have improved understanding of children’s behaviour and learning
  • provision of more enriching educational program based on extension of activities undertaken at home
  • helping new children settle on their first day. Children have already had an opportunity to meet an educator and play with them in their own familiar space.

After a home visit most of the behaviour issues disappear.


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