Numeracy and music


Numeracy broadly includes understandings about numbers, patterns, measurement, spatial awareness and data as well as mathematical thinking, reasoning and counting (EYLF p 46). It’s characterised by inquiry and problems solving which begins from a very young age. You can see it when a baby follows a moving object with their eyes, looks you up and down, grabs their feet or an object, and moves them in different ways.

Teaching numeracy to young children involves activities which promote understanding about key mathematical concepts eg speed, direction, numbers, counting, mass, units, and shapes. Music and movement can be used to enhance this learning. Research shows, for example that learning to play an instrument can improve mathematical learning.


  • review the literacy tips above – many of these can also be used to promote learning about numeracy eg those exploring the speed and rhythm of music
  • sing songs which include numbers, sizes, textures etc
  • offer babies a box of objects of different sizes, textures and shapes and encourage them to explore the different sounds the objects make
  • include numeracy concepts in musical dramatic play

Physical Activity – Memory Movement

Today with Miss Danielle we played a game where the children listened to different sounds, where each sound corresponded with a different body movement. For example, the ‘shh’ sound related to walking on tippy toes. The children used memory of a sequence to complete the task and all enjoyed playing this physical form of Memory.

As part of our focus of recycling and reusing materials, Miss Tara provided a range of resources that enabled the children to express meaning using visual arts, using our donated pizza boxes, paper plates, paint and scrap paper. From these materials, we made our own pizzas and played “Pizza Shop”. Some of the children took on the role of shop assistant/pizza maker, while others were the customers.


Today toddler 2 had a great time-sharing happiness, humour and satisfaction while dancing to some music. The children demonstrated great trust and confidence in each other as they spun around dancing and jumping together as their favourite songs played.

All the children showed very creative dance movements and drama while acting out dance moves to the songs. Some of the children would lay down when the songs said, “time to go to sleep or one of the monkeys fell off the bed” and the children would lay there until the songs would go to the next verse.

It’s always great to see the children interact and contribute with each other in a positive and happy way, all faces smiling while they enjoy each other’s company.



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