Recognising your strengths and weaknesses


When it all goes wrong

Version 1

Below is an example of how two educators teamed up and pushed out their Room Leader because they were not happy with her performance. At every chance Educators 1 and 2 highlighted the points below informally, then formally to the Director until the Director placed the Room Leader on a performance plan. The Room Leader resigned three days later.

 Not doing her job in the room

  • Reports from Educators 1 and 2 say the Room Leader is either on the computer, in the hallway or out of the room
  • Room Leader says she is going to do something but doesn’t
  • Educators 1 and 2 enjoy highlighting the difference between their amazing portfolios and the Room Leader’s not so amazing portfolios

Not giving direction

  • Room Leader doesn’t allow Educators 1 and 2 to arrange the room, and when they do she changes it back for no reason
  • Educators 1 and 2’s ideas are not allowed or implemented eg they’re not allowed to implement new artwork ideas or activities they plan
  • Educators 1 and 2 are supposed to get portfolio/program time on a Monday and Friday but don’t because Room Leader always says she has things to do that are more important
  • Room Leader stops Educators 1 and 2 taking portfolios home to complete and fails to allocate time for them to do it at work
  • Educators 1 and 2 often have to argue for time to program on Monday and then Educator 2 never gets her program time on Friday because Room Leader takes the whole day to do programming and portfolios
  • Room Leader stops Educator 1 and Educator 2 using the material the service provided
  • Room Leader stops Educator 1 and Educator 2 using the workshop area that Educator 1’s husband built
  • Room Leader uses the excuse “Director won’t allow that” to shut down everything that Educators 1 and 2 suggest

Basically the Room Leader no longer has the confidence of Educators 1 and 2 to do the Room Leader’s job.

Version 2

No one likes working with you as the Room Leader. New educators end up in your room and leave after 3 months without doing any of their children’s portfolios, leaving you in a bigger mess than what you started with. You are tired, you become stressed and that stress comes out when you become angry and short to the children. You raise your voice and you feel terrible, and you’re always so busy with endless amounts of work that never seems to get done. You are always talking about how bad your educators are in the staff room.

Why are you participating in this Room Leaders course?

List what you love about being the Room Leader? List what you DO NOT like about being the Room Leader?

Create your dream room and list below what a perfect day would be for you
as the Room Leader.


Return to this sheet and complete when you have learnt a new leadership skill that will create your perfect day.

Prefect Day Barriers New learnt strategies to overcome barriers to the perfect day


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