Self Development Worksheet – Building the Characteristics of a Leader


Take the time to evaluate which of the above characteristics are working well and those that aren’t. Select one or two of the characteristics above that you consider most important and which you need to develop. After you’ve selected the characteristics, remember situations from your past when you have behaved as a leader and then think about the positive aspects of that behaviour. Next, remember situations from your past when your behaviour wasn’t up to standard. Replay those in your mind, this time as you should have behaved. In this way, you rehearse good behaviour and eliminate bad behaviour. Don’t spend time beating yourself up for your past behaviours though.  It doesn’t achieve anything.

This worksheet can be used when starting to develop a new leader characteristic, and also when reviewing your progress during the development of a characteristic.

Date worksheet completed: _________________

Characteristic being developed:

 Successful incidents (Incidents in which you demonstrated the characteristic in a way that was consistent with being a successful leader.  You like the way you handled the incident.)

  1. _______________________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________________
  3. _______________________________________________________

Unsuccessful incidents (Incidents in which you did not behave like a leader.  You are not satisfied with the way you handled the incident.  Think first of what you didn’t do well.  Then erase the negative mindset by visualising in detail the way you would like to have handled the incident.)

  1. _______________________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________________
  3. _______________________________________________________

How could you improve these leadership qualities?

Leadership Qualities Ways to improve
Vision and ability to dream
Thinking systemically
Fairness and reasonableness
Thoroughness and persistence
Willingness to listen
Commitment to improvement
Desire for learning
Lack of cynicism


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