Sewing with children creates calm


Sewing with children creates calm

Recently at one service the preschool children have been encouraged to prepare and set the tables at meal times. This involves adding a table cloth, placing the plates and cups on the table and any necessary cutlery. This routine prompted a conversation about buying table cloths to put on the tables. Miss Cherie went to Spotlight and purchased some bright materials to make into tablecloths. From this, the children used the sewing machine to edge the material.

Wow. Wasn’t this an interesting life lesson!

The children took turns sitting at the sewing machine and using the foot pedal to manipulate the speed of the needle. Gemma told Miss Cherie that she sometimes does sewing with her mum to make clothes. Annie, Matthew, Luke, Ryan, Max and Hunter also had a turn. Matthew demonstrated a very steady hand when holding and moving the material. Matthew was able to confidently reassess where the material was sitting each time he put his foot back on the pedal. Ryan told Miss Cherie that sometimes his Ma likes sewing and that she is very good.

This experience allowed the children to learn a new life skill. This skill encourages the use of the children’s fine motor, hand-eye coordination, small object manipulation and persistence to learn new things, but most of all created an environment that was challenging and in turn created calm.

The photo above is a child sewing a table cloth. The photo below is a patchwork cushion cover sewn by a child.

How are children given the opportunity to plan and modify their outdoor and indoor environment at your service?


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