Space create very interesting dramatic play


Space create very interesting dramatic play

During outside play, Educator Brandi was walking around the playground and heard singing coming from the maze. As she approached the maze, there was Mia and Maddee (from Preschool.) She then found Ava and Jade both laying on the ground in different spots. She asked Ava and Jade why they were laying on the ground and they responded by telling Brandi that they had died during battle. Mia then told Brandi that she was singing because it was their funeral. The girls were very involved in their dramatic play.

Hakkarainen et al (2013) say successful narrative play happens when all players (children and adults) develop shared ideas and construct a plot (storyline) together. It must:

  1. Have a social/collective character
  2. Be imaginative
  3. Be creative
  4. Be developed over time
  5. Be challenging
  6. Have a narrative structure

Use the six steps above to make a plan for a Playworld with Mia, Maddee, Ava and Jade . Remember we need to be:

  • emotionally involved in the play
  • facilitate critical turns in the play eg introducing new characters and events, or introducing a critical incident so the play continues to develop
  • take a role in the imaginary play eg a character in the storyline.


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