What you will see in your Assessment and Rating report


Don’t forget we need to reflect on ALL the standards across all the seven-quality area. Below is an example from a service that missed out in QA4 as they had no evidence for critical reflection. Remember: we need to prove that we have critically reflected on all the standards to achieve Exceeding theme 2: Practice is informed by critical reflection.

The Assessment and Rating report identifies this with a confirmed Yes or not confirmed No. Below is a representation from a services Assessment and Rating Report for standard 4.2

Theme Theme Description Confirm
Theme 1 Practice is embedded in service operations Yes
Theme 2 Practice is informed by critical reflection No
Theme 3 Practice is shaped by meaningful engagement with families and/ or community No
4.2 Management, educators and staff are collaborative, respectful and ethical. Meeting NQS
STANDARD 4.2 Analysis Notes
Educators consistently demonstrate a high level of respect and collaboration with their colleagues and work collaboratively together. Experienced staff role model best practices, guiding and mentoring less experienced staff members. Educators reflect on pedagogical knowledge and curriculum delivery. The approved provider promotes a culture of belonging amongst staff, children and families, including a deep respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. The service networks with other services in the community, hosting professional development and opportunities for professional enquiry and debate.




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