Where are you now in relation to teamwork?


The checklist keys to use.

E = Embedded I do that ALL the time
K = I know I need to do that, but I don’t do it all the time
T = Please teach me how to do it or improve my understanding of why I need to do it.

Professional Collaboration Educator
Do you communicate clearly, openly and honestly?
Do you always interact with others in a polite and positive way?
Do your responses show others that you respect their views, beliefs and suggestions?
Do you react positively when receiving praise or suggestions for improvement?
Do you plan curriculum, goals and activities and solve problems together with other educators and staff?
Do you actively value and use the skills/interests of other educators when planning the Curriculum?
Do you often share your knowledge, experiences and strengths with other educators and staff?
Are you willing to mentor or support new, casual or less experienced educators?
Do you look at the needs of team members, and step in and help if there is an immediate need?
Are you willing to ask for help if needed?
Do you actively contribute to your training plan to ensure areas you wish to strengthen are covered?
Do you regularly complete professional development/training to improve practice, regardless of your current knowledge and skills?
Do you always work to achieve the three exceeding themes of the NQS: embedded practice, critical reflection and engagement with families and community?
Are you always willing to try new ways of doing things to continually improve practice?
Do you regularly contribute to the service QIP?
Do you regularly reflect critically about children’s learning, your practice and service operations, both individually and as a team, and help to implement resulting changes?
Do you reflect on your own beliefs and values to ensure they’re not hindering effective teamwork?
Do you respect the confidentiality of information shared by other educators?
Do you participate in all relevant team or service activities?


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