Culture and music



Music is a part of a culture’s narrative or story, and as we’ve discussed it’s an integral part of all children’s culture. It’s often used to help communicate stories and emotions by way of chanting, rhyming, singing, dancing or playing musical instruments. We see this in modern cultures as well as traditional cultures which have existed for thousands of years. For example, Indigenous Australians often use chants and dance to tell Dreamtime stories. There are also certain instruments that are associated with particular cultures eg didgeridoo (Australia), bagpipes (Scotland) and sitar (India). Music can help children understand diversity – that there are many ways of living, being and knowing (EYLF p 13).


  • explore songs, music and dance in other languages and from other cultures
  • investigate culturally specific musical instruments


Learning Outcomes include 2 Children are connected and contribute to the world

Today at DELC we had a special visit from Isaac Compton who sang and played his guitar for the children.


The children enjoyed connecting with someone from the local community and were amazed at his talent at singing songs they were familiar with such as “Rockabye Your Bear” by the Wiggles.


Isaac had all the children and teachers up and dancing. We all felt comfortable with Isaac speaking and laughing with him afterwards. “I love you” was one of the comments made by William H during this experience.


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