Identity and music



Music contributes to young children’s understanding of relationships, and strengthens their growing sense of identity and sense of belonging, particularly where educators celebrate children’s culture and heritage through musical activities. Rhymes, simple songs and lullabies, for example, support a baby’s first communication in babbling and gestures. For generations music has been an important way that culture has been passed from adult to child. Children come to the service having experienced music in various forms with their family and community eg through songs, rhymes and games.

‘Being’ involves children developing an awareness of their social and cultural heritage, of gender and their significance in their world. EYLF p 20



The following activities all help a child create a picture of their uniqueness and inclusion:

  • play games like peekaboo, bouncing on a lap to rhymes
  • rock a baby while singing or humming
  • sing songs and play touch and tickle games to teach body parts
  • sing songs that include a child’s name and greeting songs


Learning Outcomes 1 Children have a strong sense of identity

Our Excursion to the Masonic Retirement Village

Today, to provide the children with rich and diverse resources that reflect children’s social worlds, the Pre-schoolers went on an excursion to the Masonic Retirement Village. Before we attended our excursion, we talked about what a Retirement Village is, and explained it is a large home where lots of nannies and poppies live.

When we arrived at the village we were introduced to all the residents. We performed some dancing and singing including Baby Shark, A Tooty Ta, The Wombat Wobble, and Ellie’s Elephants performed a debut performance of One Call Away. The residents of Masonic Retirement Village were all very impressed by our singing and dancing.

After our performance, we were treated to some fruit and cake, before we sat and talked to the residents. Annabelle and Lydia confidently communicated and participated in reciprocal relationships with the residents, giving out beautiful hugs.

We plan on extending on our visit to the Masonic Retirement Village by sending and exchanging letters and drawings to the residents and visiting again on a regular basis with more songs and dances to perform.



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