Daily checklist and weekly reports


You could use a daily checklist and weekly report like those on the next pages to develop your KPIs.

Room Leaders Checklist – Daily and Weekly

__________ the _____/______/_______

As a Room Leader it is your job to assign the tasks to yourself, educators and children.

How are you going to have a great day today? Ask everybody in the room this question every morning.

Duties Who? M T W T F Comment
Wash tables and table legs after every meal with a cloth and a bucket of water with soap
Clean all glass in windows and doors
Clean all pen, marker, crayon, paint, glue etc marks from tables, furniture, walls and floor
Vacuum the sliding door slots at the bottom to remove sand. Children will love this job. Guaranteed!
Sweep the floor after every meal
Clean door handles so there are no dark marks and they feel clean
Make sure educators work desks are SPOTLESS and there’s no dust. Baskets are below desk in ordered fashion –baskets are not on top of desks in a mess
Make sure top of the lockers is spotless and well presented
Ensure all power point have safety plugs and cords are safe
No furniture is placed against walls and skirting boards
Bathrooms cleaned including around behind the toilets and in front of the toilet. Floors mopped in ALL bathrooms
Use the bathroom cleaning checklist daily. No more smells…
Every room sweeps the paths and veranda before they come inside. Remember children will help
Strength Trees completed and curriculum built from them
One direct teaching lesson per day per educator (This can be how to use the equipment)
One intentional teaching lesson with children as it happens (Extending children’s learning)
Curriculum completed with children
Tables and work areas set up and displayed beautifully
Letter sent to parent with children's work

How many times have educators contributed to the curriculum and learning stories and assessments

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Total

P: Obtained parent Input C: Curriculum LS: Learning Story ST: Strength Tree CRS: Child Reflection Sheet.

Weekly Duties Who? M T W T F
1. Make sure work stations have new activities in them each week
2. Clean skirting boards with water in bucket with soap and cloth
3. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean all furniture (children will love it). Give bookcase, tables, dress up area a really good wash with bucket of soap and water and a cloth. Do not use spray and cloth) Remove dirt from back of corners
4. Vacuum lockers and wash with water in bucket with soap and cloth. Dry after wiping.
5. Sort the rocks in the creek bed
6. Gumption the outside bubblers
7. Gumption the inside taps and basin in bathroom

Keep in folder for Nominated Supervisor to check. Friday sign when complete ________________________________________

Room Leader Weekly Report

Room Leader Weekly Report to Educational Leader and Director/ Nominated Supervisor

The outcome of this report should:

  1. Celebrate what you and your Teachers are doing well and how you are growing professionally
  2. Identify where you or your Teachers need further assistance or training
  3. Identify Teachers that are not meeting service standards and need to be placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

Room:____________  RL Name: ________________  Date: ____/___/____  Educator Names:

1. What were three of your achievements this week?
2. How did you and your educators grow professionally this week? ie what did you learn
3. What were three of your challenges this week? 4. What assistance or training do you or your educators require?
5. Were there any issues regarding the children? eg behaviour, illness, development concerns, not settling, extended crying etc. 6. Were there any issues regarding the families? Eg lost shoes, clothes, behaviour of other children, not seeing curriculum etc.
7. What child related training do you or your educators require? 8. What parent related training do you or your educators require?
9. Did you accomplish your tasks this week, including managing the room educators to complete their tasks? Yes No
10. How can you improve?
11. Describe a situation where you felt the room educators did not respond to your instructions, advice or management were managed poorly delete? What could you do to improve?
12. Did you need to speak to your educators or teachers from other rooms regarding their performance (based on their job description), routine, core values, tasks etc? Yes No
13. If Yes what was it concerning
14. If “Yes” was the Nominated Supervisor notified? Yes No 15. Nom Sup – to complete if notified
  • Was notification put on staff file? Even the verbal complaint Yes No
  • Was the Teacher placed on a PIP Yes No
16. What assistance do you need from the Director/Nominated Supervisor? 17. What assistance do you need from the Educational Leader?

Room Leader signature: _____________________
Date: ___/___/____
Director/Nominated Supervisor Signature: ___________________


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