Using core values for non-performance


File Note: Core Values

<Insert date>

Re: Record of meeting with ;regarding not meeting our core values

Today at <insert time>, I met with <insert employee’s name>. Also present was <insert names of any other people at the meeting>.

During the meeting I explained to <insert employee’s name>that she had not met core value <insert core value/s>when<insert description of behaviour discussed>.

<Insert employee’s name> said in response that <insert details of what you believe the employee said/advised/explained>.

In order to assist <insert employee’s name> to meet our core values, I <insert details of what steps you have taken or offered and any deadlines, targets, expectations that you have set the employee for improvement>.

e.g. In order to assist Jane Doe to meet our core values, I arranged for her to shadow me while I performed the task so she could observe the expected behaviour.

<Record any other details of the meeting that you have not yet written.>

At the end of the meeting I <insert details of anything else that occurred at the end of the meeting, for example if you gave the person a warning letter or if you set a date for a follow up meeting you should note that here>.

e.g. At the end of the meeting I informed Jane Doe that if her performance did not improve a First Written Warning would be issued.

Signed:_______________________________________________              Date:______ /_______ /

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