What do I do when children climb on furniture and run inside?


She is climbing on the furniture

What do I do when I see a child climbing on the furniture?

Never yell across the room

“Annabel get down from there now,” yelled Holly. Of course, Annabel didn’t listen and proceeded to climb on the bookcase.

What are the steps we need to take?

Step 1 See the child doing something that isn’t appropriate

Step 2 Calmly walk over to the child and get down to their eye level

Step 3 In a caring voice redirect the child into a safer place

Step 4 Tell the child how much you care for them and you are there to look after them and keep them safe

Walk calmly over to the child, get down to their level and say “Annabel, I need you to come down from there and go over to the block corner and play. I can’t let you fall and hurt yourself because I would feel very bad if you were hurt.  I need to keep you safe and look after you until your Mum comes in today.”

What do I do when the children are running inside?

A lot of behaviours we perceive as not good are usually just in the wrong location. When this happens we need to learn how to redirect the children. For example

Child is running inside. (running is good, wrong location)

Stand at the door and ask them “Can you run to the tree and back three times?” standing at the door ensure you still have the ability to supervise them.

Imagine a Child is climbing on furniture (gross motor good, wrong location)

Let’s take these great climbing skills outside on our tyre tower.

Then you need to reflect, am I providing enough physical activities for these active children? If not adjust your program to add more physical activities.


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