What do I do when children throw toys?


Throwing toys and fighting over a toy

Why are they throwing toys?

If it’s in the room and someone could get hurt, then that is no good. So, we need to redirect. For a quick fix get down with the children and show them how to build an enclosure for the toys i.e. look, these cars need a hoe, where can cars live, awesome idea, a car park, let’s build one. Or thee animals need to be kept safe, they look endangered, where can we keep our endangered animals s built, animals into farm enclosures.

Inappropriate Throwing can take time to plan an activity, for example

Once we moved outside Cade began to set up an activity for the children. “What are you doing Mr Cade?” Abby asked. “I am setting up a game to play Abby.” Cade told her. “But why?” Logan asked. “I thought we could use this game to practice our throwing skills. This game is to help us with throwing and turn taking rules. One at a time, you need to stand here and try to throw the ball through the tyre. Do you think you can do it?” “Yeah” the children all called out together.

Cade finished setting up the tyre and the game was on. Roman was the first to try. He threw the ball and it bounced off the tyre. “Great try Roman, you got it very close to the hole. Try again.” Cade praised his effort. Roman threw the ball a second time and it went straight through the middle of the tyre. “Yay I did it.” Roman cheered celebrating his achievement with the others. Before long all of the children had taken their turn. “You all did a fantastic job.” Cade praised them all.


Fighting over toys

Why are the children fighting over a toy, its good to get to know why and to do this get down to their level and ask. If you discover someone has grabbed it off another, then you teach the child to as if they could play with it, usually the answer is no, or if they could play together with the toy, which usually take time to sit with them and teach turn taking or you could re direct the toy grabber to another area or other toys.


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