What do I do when children do things to annoy me?


What happens when children are making annoying sounds?

A child is tapping on a table/window/surface that makes an annoying noise

Redirecting – Here is a musical instrument/ saucepan and wooden spoon. Let’s make music. If we tap on the window it may break.

Here is a great learning story that was developed because children were annoyingly tapping

Miss Tamara was telling Archies’ dad Jack that the group had a great interest in noise making which lead to seeing what we could tap on to make music. Jack said we have a guitar at home and Archie and I play it together all the time!!

As an extension of noise making and Archie knowledge about guitars Archie, Charlie and Mason all made guitars out of blocks and rubber bands again. “Quick Tamara, come watch us!” Charlie began, “we’re going to put on a show just for you!” Charlie led Tamara to a chair and asked her to sit and watch them on the ‘stage’ (which is normally used as the skate park). The boys began strumming their guitars, humming along to the exact same tune with each other. Charlie even had a long round block to use as a microphone whilst they danced around the stage with big smiles on their faces. “We’re done!” Mason called as they stopped singing. Tamara began to clap, and then asked the boys if their new band had a name. “We’re the Bucking Bull Band!” Archie called.

The reason I want to show you how this annoying tapping was extending into learning and building guitars is because of the EYLF and literacy

The EYLF says “Literacy and numeracy capabilities are important aspects of communication and are vital for successful learning across the curriculum. Literacy incorporates a range of modes of communication including music, movement, dance, storytelling, visual arts, media and drama, as well as talking, listening, viewing, reading and writing.

Language is a system of symbols and patterns, and early literacy activities which involve music, movement, dance, storytelling, visual arts, drama and talking help children understand these symbols and patterns.

Participating in musical activities improves a child’s literacy skills as they learn to pick up the beats and rhythms of the music and language patterns.

Again, I want to show you how so many things we might consider inappropriate behavior is usually in the wrong location, or is a great opportunity to extend learning.

She has just drawn all over the wall…. AHHHHH

Drawing on the wall, again Creativity great, wrong canvas. What can we do?

Let’s draw on the paper or let’s draw on the path with chalk, but first let’s clean the wall together.


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